DLD 141: Growth, Bans and an un-Ban

on 5-11-2017 in Podcast

Spirit Airlines pissed off pilots so much there was a work slowdown and a court injunction. Added bonus: Passenger riots in Fort Lauderdale when flights got cancelled.

SonAir will let the general public buy in on its charter flights between Houston and Luanda, Angola. A crazy line that comes at quite a price.

United is expanding domestic operations at SFO even more than previously expected, mostly in a response to Alaska Airlines’ growth in the market.

Is the Electronics Ban spreading to the rest of Europe? We don’t know and it would suck if it does, so we talk about that a bit.

Gogo has a private 737-500 named Jimmy Ray. Seth was on board to put the newest 2Ku in-flight internet service through its paces. Added bonus: Gogo gave us a bunch of free passes to give to all of you!

Air Force 1 had a contamination problem in the oxygen systems on board. Boeing is paying the $4mm+ repair costs there.

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  1. Hi there good people of DLD, I’d like a voucher code please. Thanks for continuing to do the show your generosity, long time listener, kmc

    PS what sort of download numbers/ audience dues the show reach? How has this tracked since the early days of the show? Are you aware of other podcasts doing similar content?

  2. Informative as usual, and sometimes a bit envious at the diverse list of destinations visited.

    Do you still have any gogo vouchers?


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