DLD 78: The Episode of Argentine Aggression (repost)

April 6, 2015

There were issues with the original version of this episode and the MP3 file not attaching properly. Hopefully this repost fixes that.

Who knew that discussing the awesomeness which is cruising to Antarctica could generate such a heated discussion?? Mix one passenger on said cruise who was super excited about one of the port days in the Falkland Islands, some interesting politics related to travel by ship between the Falklands and Argentina and an Argentinian member of our group and, well, lots and lots of laughs to share.

80400lens-1 copy

Seriously, though, we were joined this week by Cynthia Drescher who was on an Antarctic cruise in January and she has some incredible stories from the trip (and also provided the amazing photos you see). And you know it was good because we didn’t interrupt her; we let her tell the stories!

80400lens-3 copy

Also in this episode:

  • Delta keeps its Haneda slot, but with much stricter rules
  • United has a sale on awards to Brazil and Chile
  • British Airways was the latest loyalty program to see accounts compromised. And they played Latin to help clean up the mess.

And, as always, lots of other fun stuff which I typically forget about until listening to the episode again later. Enjoy!!



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