DLD 103: The TAAG-on Flight

February 18, 2016

Long Beach is growing, Eurowings is struggling and TAAG may be coming to Houston. Plus, the deal to open Cuba-US flights is ready to fly.


  • Long Beach is adding slots for the first time in years, even though the current portfolio is not fully used


  • Houston to Luanda? Apparently TAAG wants to operate the route, in part thanks to Emirates taking over management duties at the airline


  • Cuba is back, with slots opening for direct access from the USA. But who will get them and where will they fly?

Also in this show:

  • Air Canada is dropping service at JFK
  • Lufthansa’s Eurowings longhaul LCC is struggling mightily
  • Cancelled tickets and Expedia suck





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4 comments on “DLD 103: The TAAG-on Flight

  1. I love Long Beach but then I’m SLC based. We’ve flown both JetBlue and Delta there and since the terminal renovation completed it’s a dream. So I’m all for upping LGB – SLC traffic…JetBlue recently had that route $97 RT, that lead to a daytrip to Disneyland.

    • Love the day trip to Disney idea; was the airfare more or less than what you spent at the park per person?? 😮

  2. As an American living in Luanda I’m glad to hear that TAAG is looking to expand their international routes. I’ve traveled within Angola and sub-Saharan Africa with TAAG and the experience wasn’t bad all things considered. Angola is “planning” on opening a new and very large airport in Luanda in 2017 and as I understand it they are planning on being what Ethiopian is to East Africa for a connecting point. This is part of their intent to diversify their economy which right now is based almost completely on oil. So they are looking to do what Emirates did in Dubai here in Luanda.

    • Will, thank you for the comment and the insight! It is very interesting to hear what the long term plans and goals are for Luanda and Angola as a whole from someone living there. Hopefully it goes well for them and the diversification helps drive the country in a positive manner.

      Thanks again for the comment!