DLD 127: Slot Shuffle + Ocean Crossings

January 5, 2017


  • Orange County & Washington’s National Airport both will see cuts from Southwest Airlines in 2017 thanks to slots shuffling
  • Barcelona will get a Vueling long-haul service (we didn’t know for sure that would be the name during the recording) and that makes the transatlantic market even more confusing
  • American Airlines’ traffic at Phoenix is down; that’s not good for the airport


  • Saba to St. Barth’s is all sorts of AvGeek sexy


  • Fozz recently spent some time in Belfast and recommends it as a great place to visit

Also, the SSJ100 is semi-grounded which is unfortunate, but also much better than crashing.

Thanks to @kziel for this episode’s header photo

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2 comments on “DLD 127: Slot Shuffle + Ocean Crossings

  1. Peter Jan 6, 2017

    Happy new year! I am looking forward to visitingb Belfast in the summer. Keep up the good work.

  2. Travis M-M. Jan 16, 2017

    Hi DLD gang! Happy new year. I am still loving the podcast as much as ever. I really wish you all had a patreon page so that we could support the show even more. I was thinking about my travel goals for 2017, and boy they are significantly less than your podcast (but that makes sense as I don’t travel for work or get much time off). I will be going back to Amsterdam later this year on a family trip and it will have been 11 years since I was last there. Wow, that is pretty mind-blowing. I doubt I’ll be able to arrange another trip this year, but maybe something like Mexico City in the Fall/Winter for a short get-a-way. I also have my eye on a few Canadian cities that I want to visit as well, perhaps in the Fall.

    Take care and keep growing the Podcast!