DLD 128: On the road again, Hamburg edition

January 19, 2017

Tradition is important. In this case that tradition is drinking in Europe in the winter. And, as we have for several years now, recording an episode while in various stages of drunkenness. So here’s the 2017 edition from Hamburg…


  • Heathrow is where we started the show, with some interesting slot swaps coming between Delta and Croatia Airlnes


  • United is trimming service to Auckland and retiring its 747s faster than expected
  • We all flew strange routes to get to Hamburg. Except Seth, who arrived by train and left by car because he’s a jerk.


  • Hamburg. Duh! Awesome city to visit and the Airbus factory tour is pretty cool, among other things.
  • Belarus also gets some love this week thanks to positive changes in visa rules

Also in this show:

Stephan missed the Airbus tour so we got him a souvenir

Stephan missed the Airbus tour so we got him a souvenir, useful for the Portland winters

  • Seth geeks out over a rocket launch while we’re recording
  • Steve joins again as a guest
  • We drink more beer



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One comment on “DLD 128: On the road again, Hamburg edition

  1. Marcel Boudreau Jan 30, 2017

    Always entertaining, always expect to hear chuckling.

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