DLD 164: A Stupid LCC Play

October 26, 2017

There are tons of incredible things to see on a visit to Japan. Seth appears set to do roughly zero of them next week. Instead he’s flying around on a handful of Japanese LCCs. And he tries to explain why.

Also in this episode:

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One comment on “DLD 164: A Stupid LCC Play

  1. Big fan of Premium Economy on various airlines, have a great 1 on DL’s inaugural! Airways has great coverage in/from/by you, always.

    Love the name, Peach Airlines, and the Air Asia subsidiary requires inquiry/experience. Fascinating drama behind Vanilla’s Air Asia history.

    Indeed, the retail systems for earning marketing has a ton of kerosene in the tank left, too much is invested in it.

    Love the SFO museum always.

    The sheer knowledge and heart and passion are all impressive, as always, thanks gents!