DLD 228: Sassy stories from Croatia

January 24, 2019

Mid-January means a trip to Europe for the crew, with creative flight routings and adventures along the way. This year the trip brings us to Zagreb, Croatia.

Also in this episode:

  • Norwegian is slashing crew bases and a few benefits as it tries to shore up its expenses. Can the company survive?
  • Avianca Brazil is fighting to keep control of 10 aircraft that lessor GECAS wants to reclaim
  • United Airlines beat analyst earnings estimates for 2018 and showed a bit of sass in celebrating that accomplishment
  • A guy in China made his own A320. For real.
  • Marriott renamed its loyalty program to “Bonvoy” and there are questions around how well that will age.
  • Air India is reportedly dropping first class service. Hardly enough to save that operation, but maybe it’ll help?
  • Who is buying food for TSA and ATC employees while they’re not being paid by the US government? Seemingly everyone!

And, as always, plenty more rambling, tangents and anecdotes. Oh, and a beer tasting live in this episode. The best part of that is Seth trying to say the names of the different brands.

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