DLD 105: Berlin, Bankruptcy and Bathrooms

March 17, 2016

Quite the eclectic mix of conversations in this week’s episode, including:


  • Berlin’s new airport is still not open and now even further delayed. As in 2018 at the earliest. But Stephan may sneak in later this month anyways.


  • Three new lines between Asia and the US West Coast, one of which is actually new and interesting


  • Auckland is fun and has the best ice cream in the world. Worth the trip just for that, though you should probably go hiking or something, too.
  • Bonus Destination: The F10 bathroom at MSP. Yes, we’re serious about that.

Also in this show:

  • A selfie with Herb
  • Republic is bankrupt (and soon to be delisted)
  • Musing on options for a one way trip from London to New York City: What are your thoughts??


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