DLD 108: Haneda, Helena and Hot Air

April 28, 2016

Applications for Haneda slots are in from the US airlines and St. Helena is almost ready to open. Austin, Texas is on the docket as it more Mint-y freshness from JetBlue.



  • Delta is cutting back on some transatlantic service thanks to terror threats and weakening demand.


  • Fozz is in Austin, Texas and he hasn’t seen the bats yet, but he is getting BBQ. Stephan has lots of opinions and some family in the area.

Also in this episode:

  • JetBlue is adding more routes with its Mint premium service, going after the Alaska Airlines/Virgin America operation
  • United Airlines came to terms on its Board of Directors revamp
  • Richard Branson doesn’t want Virgin America to die but he likely doesn’t have a choice
  • Elite Airways is launching a bunch of random routes on its CRJ-200 aircraft. Really random stuff. Thanks, @joelfreak, for the heads’ up on that.
  • And National Airlines isn’t launching this summer after all.
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