DLD 203: Is Chicago the next St. Louis??

July 26, 2018

Is American Airlines ready to cut back further on O’Hare’s global connections? Given the shifting loads and capacity for the carrier that could be possible. Fozz appears to have some strong feelings on this one.

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4 comments on “DLD 203: Is Chicago the next St. Louis??

  1. Terence Jul 26, 2018

    DFW-Asia roues see 789s which won’t be affected by 788 reconfig. ORD is 788 base (and PHL)

  2. DavidB Jul 26, 2018

    UA has been flying to China since it took over well established PanAm routes while AA has only recently received approval to fly to/from China (and even HKG). Thus with Delta (nee Northwest) UA is the entrenched player. It has pretty much picked up over the decades regular individual and corporate flyers from the US market (via FF programs) so AA has never had a grip on this domestic base customer base and those who are AAdvantage members have grown comfortable with CX’s premium service.

    Not to mention, as one friend who is a 1K/UA fanatic keeps telling me, he can always get his upgrade…which suggests even with its large J cabins, UA relies on those booking slightly higher Y fares to upgrade and fill the premium cabin.