DLD 303: It’s Just Zoom

August 6, 2020

Forget the SkyMall catalog: Did you ever buy anything based on the inflight magazine? They’re a huge advertising profit center in good times, and that likely has a lot to do with why United Airlines is mailing copies to some MileagePlus members’ homes this month.

Also in this episode:

  • Schedule cuts for September rolled in, just as the airlines were bragging about new routes and flights.
  • IATA’s pushed back its estimate for a return to 2019 passenger levels, now saying 2024 is the target.
  • Finnair owes passengers more than 100 million euros in refunds still, which is a lot.
  • IAG released is half-year earnings report including formalizing the retirement of many aircraft. The BA A318 baby bus is among those impacted.
  • ExpressJet is on the ropes, with United choosing to terminate the capacity purchase agreement with its subsidiary rather than CommutAir.
  • Airbus & Boeing trim their production plans, and suppliers are feeling the pinch, too.
  • Special guest Ed from Pizza in Motion and Miles To Go hasn’t given up on travel, just on hotels and airplanes for now. But the RV life is calling and he’s got some solid advice for those considering a similar move.

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