DLD 91: You’re Fired!

on 9-17-2015 in Podcast

Are we talking about the former United Airlines CEO Jeff Smisek or the British Airways 777-200ER in Vegas when it comes to that statement? Actually, a bit of both.


  • Emirates is rumored to be considering a flight to Mexico City from its Dubai hub. That’s even longer than the Panama City route just announced and possibly too long to work with the planes they’ve got.
  • American Airlines sent a non-ETOPS plane out over the water. That’s really, really bad.
  • One of the more random and esoteric “lines” is getting cut by SAS in October
  • Seth got the opportunity to walk around on the new Airbus FAL Factory Floor

Enjoy the show!


The incredible donut burger I had in Mobile, Alabama and which is discussed in the episode



  1. Smisek’s firing was part of the Bridgegate “scandal” which involves various charges of corruption again the New Jersey ex-Chairman of the Port Authority, Samson, a crony of Gov. Christie. I don’t accept the contention that there will be similar issues with the New York airports across he Hudson/East River and their airline customers as mentioned by Foss(?) in this episode. Samson is being investigated for dozens of such self-dealings by the Feds.

    • Fair enough. I’m not sure, either. But I respect Fozz’s view that there is corruption within the PANYNJ. Lots of shady activity overall happening and I would not be too surprised to learn that there was some untoward activity on the other side of the river.