DLD 133: Fighting for Small Town, USA

on 3-16-2017 in Podcast

US carriers are once again growing on domestic routes. United and Alaska are making major moves while American isn’t slacking off either.



  • JFK to LA and San Francisco are soon to have free meals on American again, even in economy


  • Good German food that isn’t beige? Try Rogacki in Berlin. Seriously, we probably spent way too much time talking about that place in this week’s episode.

Also, Delta is reportedly reconsidering its refinery operations. Hard to tell what’s going on there.



  1. Can I ask you guys to do a sound check before recording your podcast? You guys give great insight and information, but the sound levels were so wonky in this latest podcast. Stephan was fine, but Seth was barely audible sometimes, and his volume level went up and down several times. Found myself having to adjust volume numerous times.

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