DLD 83: The Allure of Older Planes

May 28, 2015

Ever been to an aircraft graveyard? Probably not the same way Fozz & Rolo got to experience a couple weeks ago. All sorts of access to lots of cool old stuff. And, while we’re talking about old planes, if the purpose of a trip is to fly on one but the aircraft is out of service then what do you do? Seth is looking for suggestions on that very topic related to Cubana’s IL-96 which seems to no longer be flying.

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One comment on “DLD 83: The Allure of Older Planes

  1. I spent 2.5 hours in an older plane just this morning…an AA MD-80. I’ve got fond memories of cramped 727 flights or posh recliner seats on a Lockheed TriStar.

    Old might be nostalgic but I sure am glad to be on a new plane.