DLD Bonus 002: Routes, Unions and a t-shirt

August 16, 2017

American Airlines is launching three new routes to Europe next summer, all to secondary cities but also all which seem to have nice potential for success.

United is shifting schedules around a bunch between Houston, Dulles and Newark to try to make flight attendants a little happier.

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3 comments on “DLD Bonus 002: Routes, Unions and a t-shirt

  1. mwwalk Aug 16, 2017

    Did I miss the part about the T-shirt?

  2. I mention that I’m wearing one (relatively uncommon when I work at home) in the opening blooper/teaser. Not at all significant. 🙂

    • Sheryl Fender Aug 16, 2017

      Oh, I guess that didn’t click because I assumed you put on a dress shirt. Don’t know why, maybe because when I think of lapel mics I think of dress clothes. Damn, I thought y’all were about to start selling shirts.