DLD 183: A Tibet Temper Tantrum

March 8, 2018

Remember a few weeks back when Delta Air Lines and Marriott managed to piss China off by listing Tibet as a separate country. Turns out that move cost at least one guy a job thanks to China throwing a temper tantrum. Alas, it was probably the wrong guy.

Also in this week’s show:

  • A United/Mesa/Embraer E175 hop-scotched its way to China, drawing an amusing line along the way.
  • That O’Hare expansion project we talked about last week hit a snag, just as expected, mostly because American Airlines is crying foul.
  • United Airlines President Scott Kirby has a pretty awful new plan to motivate employees.
  • Flight plans aren’t always about getting to the final destination as efficiently as possible. Sometimes there’s an out-of-the-way stop or routing for a little bit of paperwork.
  • The OneWorld TATL JV carriers are launching Basic Economy fares across the Atlantic.
  • American wants more A319s, just like United. Are there enough used frames to go around?
  • Delta continues to struggle with its NRA discount kerfuffle.
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