DLD 182: Blown tires, blown service recovery

March 1, 2018

Delta pulled its discount for NRA members over the weekend, pissing off Georgia’s Lieutenant Governor and costing it a potential $40mm annually in tax savings.

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4 comments on “DLD 182: Blown tires, blown service recovery

  1. James Mar 1, 2018

    For reference, United has had their 4 hour arrival delay threshold criteria before considering booking on OALs for years.
    The most recent policy update was in October 2016 and kept the 4-hour trigger for rebooking on any OA flights except for JV partners. Even using no JV Star Alliance members is subject to 4-hour criteria.
    Additionally rebooking on Delta should only be considered as last resort when all other options have been exhausted due to significantly higher reimbursement rates involved.
    Only real exceptions to this policy are special circumstances such as for those traveling with children, the elderly, or ADA customers.

    • That policy is definitely not strictly followed in terms of the 4 hour thing. That’s part of the confusion with our crew, I think.

  2. James Mar 1, 2018

    The Air France flight to San Diego is to provide capacity for a big medical convention taking place this year in San Diego between December 1-4 and expected to draw 25,000 visitors.