DLD 129: zLA zLA Land

on 2-02-2017 in Podcast

This week’s episode is all about changes coming to flying in and around Los Angeles. Also, Iran Air is having fun with its new toy and airlines seem to struggle keeping systems online.



  • Still in LA, the LAX-PEK line is a mess for AA:
    American Airlines cannot get slots at Beijing and wants the US DOT to retaliate on its behalf.


  • Fozz was recently in Aruba

Other stuff:





  1. I love LGB, it’s a fun airport…I was there this morning! The Terminal building is historic and the new concourse is beautiful…plus it’s fun to not use a jetway, even in the rain this morning.

  2. Guys normally I am a big fan of your show, what an abortion of a podcast this edition was.

    So many incorrect suppositions, guesses, assumptions, statements regarding LAX and other airports. It would have been helpful if you actually took time to review the various topics to be discussed like projects and terminal moves happening at LAX, and details about the slots programs at other airports before trying to speak about them.

    A large number of comments made were totally incorrect, even down to things like locations of airlines at LAX which have not been there since 2014.

    Sorry guys, but this edition was totally not your finest moment.