DLD 297: Pantsless Professionals

June 25, 2020

As borders start to reopen the requirements for entry to some countries can be onerous. Or completely reasonable, depending on your point of view. But the inconsistencies make it really challenging to figure out where to go and what tickets to buy.

Some of the topics in this show:

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4 comments on “DLD 297: Pantsless Professionals

  1. I’d love to hear what you think is happening at Delta regarding so many of their JV partners going bankrupt or being in financial trouble. With Aeromexico possibly filing Ch. 11, I think this makes three of their partners in obvious financial distress — AM, LATAM, Virgin Australia — while Korean and Virgin Atlantic are struggling more than their peers. Wonder what this means for Delta’s short and long run international strategy, and what the employees are thinking.

  2. Drew Newton Jun 29, 2020

    Love the show guys! I have a question: could you explain the benefit/angle as to Aeroplan currently offering 50% miles back to the member as instead of simply offering flights at 50% off miles needed. A tax benefit, making their balance sheet look better perhaps? Thanks, Drew