DLD 307: We’re adding change fees

September 3, 2020

Everyone else is getting rid of change fees this week so we figured we should add some in to our operations. Details will be forthcoming once we figure out how to implement that.

Also, we’re planning another live episode next Wednesday night at 8:30p EDT, broadcast on YouTube. Hope you can join us for that fun.

Also in this episode:

  • But seriously, United, Alaska, American and Delta all dropped change fees “permanently” this week on some of their fares. The times, they are a changin’.
  • United has new technology to help it decide when to cancel lightly loaded flights. We believe it is called “math” or something like that.
  • Would you spend a few months on a bus touring Asia and Europe? Delhi to London via SE Asia, Central Asia and more is on the map, assuming you can spare the time.
  • Is the Celera 500L going to revolutionize private aviation? We got pretty excited until Seth swooped in with a buzz kill.
  • A “jetpack” flying was spotted adjacent to an arriving aircraft at LAX this week. But probably not really a guy in a jetpack.
  • How much are frequent flyer programs really worth? Spirit Airlines wants to securitize its Free Spirit program and we debate if the valuation is high or low.
  • A handful of recent 787s built have a manufacturing flaw that has them grounded now while Boeing tries to figure out how to fix things.

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