DLD 313: A different set of codes

October 15, 2020

We’re about more than just airplanes, especially these days. But don’t worry too much; air travel still dominates the conversation this week.

Among the topics in this episode:

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  • Alaska Airlines’ conversion from stored credit to points: Was it worth it?

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One comment on “DLD 313: A different set of codes

  1. Steve Oct 15, 2020

    Personal thoughts/speculation on Southwest to IAH:
    There isn’t a lot of space at IAH, just three shared gates at the A Terminal (A9, A11, A24, used by by B6, F9, and AS) that they could squeeze into. Or the international D terminal they could operate at.
    Which also makes me wonder if they actually will do international flights, and get into the heavy routes like SAL (an often weight restricted flight full of checked bags).
    Super unlikely: UA leases one of the C terminals to WN lol