DLD 445: Ghosts in the sky

August 17, 2023

Empty flights typically suck, but sometime airlines still fly them and make money doing so.

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2 comments on “DLD 445: Ghosts in the sky

  1. Milesmachine Aug 24, 2023

    Hey guys, a bit more on Mexicana. No – They will not use former MX space in MEX, the airline’s base will be in NLU – The new airport. (and Tulum in the future) The whole (dumb) idea is to give the airport exposure, and also a major tantrum from the current administration vs the other airlines, since none of them have really been interested bin selecting NLU as a hub. Wet lease will not include flight attendants. Regarding the law issue – Its even worse since they just allowed them to run NLU, the new Tulum airport, Palenque airport, and the airline as a holding. They claim Boeing gives advice and support – Never giving further details. So yes, this project is really populist, silly and will most likely be in the red since inception.

    • Completely makes sense re the airports. Should’ve realized that. The lease bit is still very strange. I can’t wait to see how that plays out.