DLD 243: Smisek FTW!

May 16, 2019

Delta’s flight attendants are pursuing union representation again. Not surprisingly, management is opposed to the idea. The visuals on how management is fighting it, however, are slightly surprising. That also plays into a discussion around what it takes to be a strong leader, for airlines or otherwise. So many seem to be doing it poorly today, though Wall Street doesn’t mind as much as the employees and passengers do.

Also in this episode:

A fun new livery and random other bits round out the show. Enjoy!

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One comment on “DLD 243: Smisek FTW!

  1. Steve May 16, 2019

    Delta’s anti-union campaign isn’t just targeted at their flight attendants. They don’t want their ramp personnel to unionize either. It’s ridiculous what they’re doing to that work group. They’re like the Walmart of airlines.