DLD 402: Three planes you’ll probably never fly. Or maybe four.

September 15, 2022

Can Russia produce more than 300 commercial aircraft by the end of the decade to backfill the Boeing and Airbus frames that will be inoperable by then? And would you fly on one if they do??

Also in this episode:

  • Italian govt picks an ITA suitorITA
  • Aeroflot signs for 300+ Russian aircraft by the end of the decade
  • IATA kicks Newark out of NYC, but not entirely
  • Southwest’s Companion Pass promotion
  • NFTicket from Air Europa and revenue management
  • Alaska Airlines’ new digital bag tag plans
  • JFK new T1 groundbreaking
  • Satcoms on cell phones

For our Patreon subscribers we have bonus content, including:

  • Boom is even further from an engine
  • United adds more eVTOL
  • Matternet FAA cert

And plenty more. Enjoy the show!

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