DLD 403: White tails, new deals, and new lines

September 22, 2022

Catching up on some reader mail, and also on big changes coming in airports served, meals on board, and vaguely boring partnerships.

Also in this episode:

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  • Schiphol still a mess, and the CEO resigned
  • French ATC strikes, and a Ryanair flight to the wrong country as a result
  • London capacity caps to extend through the winter

And plenty more. Enjoy the show!

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One comment on “DLD 403: White tails, new deals, and new lines

  1. Regarding the AA SFO flight attendant base closure, it really has nothing to do with the California meal and rest break rules. If it did, the company would have happily used it as an excuse. Its simply a fact that the base no longer works with the small volume of flight for AA. The result for quite a while has been less than optimal scheduling leading to multi-day pairings hopping around the country to ensure SFO crews get their hours. All this flying can be accomplished by existing bases.

    And the reason why the SFO FA’s can transfer to LAX is that the contract bars it. LAX already has several hundred displaced crew members result of the Covid reductions who hold priority return rights before anyone else can transfer in. Since AA does not expect to clear the list until possibly well into 2024, any new transfers in are contractually not possible while the displaced crew members wait for their right to return.