DLD 75: That day SHARES was more accurate than SABRE

February 19, 2015

Yeah, we went there. Turns out it is true, though I doubt American Airlines is going to change its mind on the plan to choose Sabre for the combined company. But you’ll have to get towards the end of the call for that fun.


Which commute do you prefer??


  • Stephan and Seth talk about cameras for travel and renting lenses. Just be careful; minor damage cost Seth $350 on a $2100 lens.
  • American Airlines has its initial 787 flights loaded for sale. Best as I can see there are 50+ FlyerTalk/MilePoint folks booked for the trip. That should be fun.
  • United sold “thousands” of first class tickets for pennies on the dollar. And is not honoring the mistake. The DoT is “investigating” but no indication on what the end result will be. And there is some discussion on the ethics of the deals.
  • Both Southwest and Delta have “adjusted” their award chart polices. Mostly by no longer actually publishing what they are. It is much harder to hit a moving target so that sucks. On the Delta side the problem is compounded by partner awards while on the Rapid Rewards side the part where it is already a revenue-based program makes the decision most bizarre.
  • Seth flew on the Air France Premium Economy product. He talks about that a bit but mostly about the seat stealing his wallet. And why he chose to continue on the journey rather than panic. Pro tip: Have a backup plan.

Plus the usual assortment of random anecdotes, misplaced jokes and who knows what else. Enjoy!

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