DLD 280: Alliance dalliances

February 20, 2020

Did you every think that Alaska Airlines would join a major alliance? They seemed happy enough to play the field of partners in the past, but starting in mid-2021 the carrier intends to be part of OneWorld.

Also in this show:

  • Alaska will also tighten its relationship with American Airlines after a few years of arms-length friendship. And the move will bring about a west coast global partnership that sees American looking at new long-haul flights from Seattle, too.
  • Another airline aims to launch service to secondary US markets and it just so happens that, once again, the guy in charge is an alum of Allegiant
  • British Airways loaded its Club Europe eurobiz cabin up with passengers following flight disruptions over the weekend. The carrier removed the middle seat block to get more pax to their destination. But also claims that it is still the business class product they paid for. Something doesn’t add up.
  • Might Qantas look beyond its existing Union deals for a new set of Project Sunrise pilots?
  • Delta is investing a billion dollars in carbon offsets but still flying its MD-88s.
  • Stephan took a ride on the Air Canada 787 premium economy seat and mostly likes it, at least as much as he likes anything

And, as always, plenty more. Enjoy the show!

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